Rental Agreement

There is a 14 day cancellation policy. All deposits are NON refundable if cancelled less than 14 days prior to reservation date. No shows or cancellation with in 3 hours prior to pick up time of lessee/customer is responsible for 50% of the total bill of the rental and  it will be charged to their charge card . By providing Partybus Solutions. your personal information and deposit for your set rental, you are accepting  and agree to the terms of the lease and accept responsibility of yourself and all your guest actions during the rental.  All  rentals paying with a credit card, the credit card  must be in the lessee/customer name.  The rental time will start at prearranged time set by the lessee/customer listed on the contract.    Partybus Solutions  is not liable in the event of mechanical breakdown  while on rental, and will only be responsible for making up rental lost time (no monetary refund for loss time) on this current rental or will be credited the loss time on a future rental at a later date.  If lessee/customer or driver ends the rental earlier than the predetermined time there will Not be any monetary refund or credit issued for the unused time.  If leased vehicle can not make the original  pick up do to unforeseen mechanical issues the deposit will be return and the reservation canceled, unless if the customer and Partybus Solutions can  come to an agreement on using another similar/ like vehicle to take its place, if  one is available.  There are no refunds for stereo, party lights, TV’s, and air-conditioning  that malfunctions during the rental. The client assumes full financial liability for any damage to the vehicle, caused during the duration of the rental by themselves or any members of their group. A fee of $100.00  will be assessed for each carpet or seat burn.  A Sanitation fee (Bodily Fluids) is $150.00  charge per incident. If any bodily fluid are found in and or on, any part of the vehicle during the rental.   Alcohol Consumption is for guests 21 years or older and everyone Must have a valid ID on them (It is the lessee responsibility to make sure all of there guest are 21 years and older and do have a valid ID on them) .   Anyone under 21 years of age, who appears or is or has been consuming/ handling Alcohol, or anyone of any age using Illegal Drug of any kind in any  of Partybus Solutions vehicles, will be asked to leave and the Proper Authorities may be called.  Our drivers will pickup vehicle through out the charter but if driver feels like the vehicle is getting out of hand with each cleanup there will be a cleanup charge of $100.00.  The driver has the right to terminate rental without any refund. Smoking is not permitted in any of the vehicles. Overtime rate will be apply after the first 10 minutes of prearranged  drop off time as described on the rental contract.  The rental time will continue until all passengers and passenger items are out of the vehicles.  Partybus Solutions is Not responsible for delays or the termination of rental  do weather conditions and unsafe road conditions (ie. non- salted/snow covered/ icy streets, accidents, extreme weather, construction delays etc…). Partybus Solutions drivers are not permitted for any reason to take any vehicles on anyone’s personal driveway (for loading and unloading etc..) or  park/stop or drive any vehicles off any non-harden road, street or parking lot,  etc..  Partybus Solutions is not responsible for articles left in the vehicles during or after the rental.  The full balance of rental must be paid in full to the driver on the rental date at the beginning of the rental,  before the vehicle can leave the  pick up location. Vehicles cannot be loaded beyond legal seating capacity  (seating capacities are based on the limousine industry standard of 16″ per person , seating capacities may be less do to size of guest ). If  any improper and or unappropriate actions of any of guest gets the vehicle detained for any reason, standard rental rates will apply.  Must be 21 years of age to rent any vehicle (anyone under 21 that attempts to rent a vehicle will be charged the full amount of the rental and the reservation will be canceled).  Any underage groups (18 years of age or younger) a Parent or legal Guardian will need to rent the vehicle, and is required to be a the original pick up, and be available during  the rental and be willing to come out to the vehicle if needed . Partybus Solutions drivers, have the right not to remain in any area with their vehicle while waiting on there guest, in any area that they feel their safety is at risk.  Quoted rates are estimates only, with final charges to be assessed at the end of the rental for additional fees (parking, turnpike, damages to vehicle, over time rental fees, bodily fluid charges, and excessive clean up fee,etc..).  Any additional fees need to be paid to the driver at the end of the rental at the drop off point by cash or credit card. Any damages done by the lessee or their guest that prevents  the vehicle from performing other rentals, the lessee is responsible for those repairs and the income from the lost from those rentals until the vehicle can be put back in service and is responsible for any legal fees in the collection of out standing charges.    No violence, weapons (ie. gun, knifes, explosives etc.) will be tolerated, any and all parties involved will be ask to leave and the proper authorities maybe contacted. It is the Lessee responsibility to make sure  that they and their guest follow the posted rules in all the vehicles at all times.


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